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Heya Guys!

Just a quick update! I managed to get a Reshiram Pokedoll (US version) for a good price. So my collection is officially complete. Minus Kyurem, but i doubt i'll get a plush of him. The lot I won should be in sometime this week. And will update tracking on Paypal once shipped. Thanks everyone for all the help on here. You've made this a very easy and painless Re Collection. <3 Also anyone know if you can pre order Pokemon Sun and Moon yet?
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Looking for grail set

So im looking for some grail status legendary sets. Pokedolls of course. Some i used to own.

Cresselia (looking between 30$-40$ for it)

Not looking to spend a whole ton. I know some are old and rarer but maybe ill get lucky. I know a few were sold on here for 25$ which is perfect.
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I lowered some prices :D no new stock, but these really need to go. Th action replay is full of codes, and ones I entered manually. It works an all gams are lik new!

I ship from Pennsylvania, USA
I will NOT ship internationally.
All prices are in USD.
Shipping starts at $2.50 per game/item
Paypal Only
Will be shipped in bubble mailers unless asked otherwise.
All sales are final!
Granted sales permission on February 11 2013 by entirelycliched

I have for sale:
Pokemon Ranger (No manuals) $15
Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia (all papers) $15
Pokon Platinum 20$
Action Relay DSi 25$ Incudes USB cable as well

feel free to HAGGLE!
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Japanese Pokedolls coming to the USA?

So I'm fishing out 36$ for a Cresselia Pokedoll (which I think is totally worth it!), and I'm just curious if any of the older ones from Japan like Heatran will ever come here? Even Rotom! Cause those two are high on my wants list but they're so expensive cause they're Japanese release):

On a side note, I got a Spiritomb Pokedoll. A few questions:
It's a USA tush tag and the year is 2009. Is that a year they were made?
And second, is an invisible repair job harmful to its value? It's in perfect condition except I had to repair a large seam. Everyone that has saw it says they can't even tell I sewed it.
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I ruined my new plushie!

So I just hot my new Regigigas in today. I was so happy, and then he had a large spot of dirt. I cleaned it and one of his gem eyes started coming off. So I tried ironing it back on and now it looks bad): I was wondering if anyone has one they'd sell. It doesn't have to have its hang tag. Any help would be appreciated):
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What is this?

I found this through a saved search on eBay. I was wondering if it was real and if so, why is it 100$? It looks like it has a pokemon center tush tag.


Any info? I'm curious about it. I see one in the plush project like it, but theres no company name, ect.
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New here. Small Collection lol

This is all I have so far!
Darkrai Pokedoll
Darkrai BIG figure
Canvas Shaymin plush
Litwick Pokedoll
Skitty and Jigglypuff keychain figures
Giratina PLATINUM pre-order figure

I'm an artist. Top of my class. Video gaming is my life. I loved pokemon since I was a kid. I still have my talking Pikachu somewhere... Anyways I'm looking for a few more plushies.

Deoxys Pokedoll
Arceus Pokedoll
the legendary dogs Pokedolls
Jirachi Jakks plush
Ho Oh pokedoll
Giratina Pokedoll (either origin or altered form)
Regigigas pokedoll
Meloetta Pokedolls (both forms)
Dialga and Palkia Pokedolls
Sky form Shaymin Plush
Mespirit, Azelf, and Uxie Jakks plushes
Lugia Pokedoll
Celebi Plush

Thats about it. Mostly looking for Deoxys Arceus, and Giratina right now.